Here’s the latest on the Solomon Debate League:

The last debate was thrilling, as Cicely Tyson Interstate Champs led with 75 points against Christ the King who had 69 points.

The two will square off again in the Solomon Race-to-the Top Urban Vs. Suburban Debates Competition this Saturday, November 22, from 1:30pm – 6:00pm at the South Orange-Vailsburg United Methodist Church in South Orange, NJ.

Any suburban school int eh New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Metro area is invited to participate where the debate topics will be:

1. Will there be a world government? and

2. Should student athletes be paid?

Think your school can meet the challenged offered by these urban schools?

If you are a PTA member, church organization or youth group and would like to get involved in future debates, email [email protected]

Sub Urban flyer for public2

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