Tuesday night at Alice’s Arbor Restaurant, The Brooklyn Reader, in partnership with the Bed-Stuy Gateway Business Improvement District, hosted the kick-off in a series of Brooklyn Trivia nights around Bed-Stuy.

The game night is a fun way to highlight local establishments while bringing neighbors together for a light-hearted competition that tests how well you really know your borough.

Participants were provided 10 questions in ascending order of difficulty testing their Kings County acumen. DJ Dick at Night was in the house, spinning fresh tunes, and the winner received a free drink and meal.

Here are some sample questions: See if you can answer:

1. Q: Nicknamed “Little Poland,” which section of Brooklyn has the second largest concentration of Polish immigrants outside of Chicago?

2. Q: Serving up pies since the 1940s, what is the name of the famous “no slices” restaurant located under the Brooklyn Bridge?

3. Q: Famous Brooklynite Norah Jones is from which Central Brooklyn neighborhood?

Check out the future dates and locations of the next game night to learn a little more about your borough… and a chance to win a free meal!

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