potholes, crumbling infrastructureSo, an entire winter has come and gone and is coming again… Yet, many Brooklyn residents will testify, their streets have not been fixed, and their cars, bicycles (and joints) are paying for it.

According to a new report published in the New York Post, major infrastructure failures in New York are becoming more deadly and common.

Two primary examples are the broken water main that burst on Fifth Avenue that badly interrupted subway service, as well as the Harlem gas explosion, which left eight people dead.

But that also doesn’t account for the thousands of potholes found along most of the streets within Central Brooklyn and beyond that makes driving feel like you’re traveling down the roads of an undeveloped country.

But even if you don’t drive or take the bus, the alternative mode of transportation taken by most New Yorkers– the subway– also is in terrible disrepair, with only 17 percent of subway stations listed in good condition, according to the report.

“There is a real need to focus on the condition of our infrastructure,” said Denise Richardson, an executive director at the General Contractors Association.

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