You can now pre-register online for the Free People’s Medical Clinic, produced by Creative Time and part of the four-weeklong exhibit Funk, God, Jazz and Medicine.

Community volunteers stand outside of the temporary Free People’s Medical Clinic, curated for the exhibit Funk, God, Jazz and Medicine: Black Radical Brooklyn

Below is a full schedule of this weekend’s services:

Friday, September 26

Earth, Wind and Fire Vinyasa, with Stephanie Battle (12:30pm­ – 1:45pm)

Black Folk Dance (Horton-based) with Stephanie Battle (2:30 – ­4:00pm)

Black Magic, Queer/Trans Only with Niv Acosta (4:30 – ­7:00pm)

Affordable Care Act Navigation & HIV Screenings with Housing Works (12:00noon – ­6:00pm)

*Performances throughout the afternoon

Saturday, September 27

Well Women Care (booked through October 5) Vinyasa, with Ancient Song Doula Services (12:0noon – ­6:00pm)

Afrocentering (Pilates) with Aimee Cox (12:30pm – ­1:45pm)

Nurses Hours (1:00pm – ­3:30pm)

Massage Therapy with Malik Bellamy (4:00pm – ­8:00pm)

Black Folk Dance (Durham-based) with Aimee Cox (2:30pm – ­4:00pm)

Community Acupuncture with Julia Bennett (4:30pm – ­8:00pm)

Affordable Care Act Navigation & HIV Screening with Housing Works (12:00pm – ­6:00pm)

*Performances throughout the afternoon

Sunday, September 28

Solid Gold (Vinyasa Yoga)

with Kami Jones (12:30pm – ­1:45pm)

Nurses Hours (1:00pm – ­4:00pm)

Solid Gold (Vinyasa Yoga) with Kami Jones (2:45pm – ­4:00pm)

Massage Therapy with Malik Bellamy (2­:00pm – 6:00pm)

Affordable Care Act Navigation & HIV Screening with Housing Works (12:00noon – ­6:00pm)

*Performances throughout the afternoon

For more information on Funk, God, Jazz and Medicine, the exhibit, visit the Creative Time website.


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  1. Overall I enjoyed the event. However, I signed up for a massage with Malik Bellamy for 4:30PM, and was later told that he was running 30 minutes late. No problem- I went somewhere nearby to wait. When I returned I was told he was taking a break to eat- so I waited some more. When he returned from eating, he went and took the next person and I was told that because I was late he skipped me! I could not have been more than a couple of minutes late and since I was there when he returned, after having waited about 40 minutes, it was extremely rude and franky rediculous of him to skip me. Such behavior really puts a damper on an otherwise positive event. Very unprofessional and petty.

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