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Week 25 of Year Long Hand Lettered Project By Harriet Faith. Quote by Plutarch.

Week 25 ~ Plutarch

Week 25 of Year Long Hand Lettered Project By Harriet Faith. Quote by Plutarch.

I love discovering ideas that we think originated in our life and times, or in the life and times of our parents, (or anyone older than us that we actually know or remember) but which actually have been around since, literally, ancient times.

This quote by Plutarch is one ancient root of our saying ‘Silence is Golden.’  And he said it approximately 1,900 years ago. (And who knows… it was probably a saying even before Plutarch)

Plutarch was a very interesting dude. He was born in Greece and added Roman citizenship at some point in his life. He was a senior priest at the temple of The Delphic Oracle, a Greek ambassador and a biographer and historian.

One of his books, “Parallel Lives,” compared the lives of famous Greeks and Romans, focusing not so much on historical events as on each individual’s character. He even compared physiological features, to each other and to their moral behavior. Because of the attention he paid to these details, he likened his work to that of a painter of portraits.

Plutarch’s writings influenced many writers including William Shakespeare, John Milton, Francis Bacon, Robert Browning and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Week 26 ~ Einstein

Week 26 of Year Long Hand Lettered Project By Harriet Faith. Quote by Albert Einstein.

Ah, so this piece is a bit of a guessing game… It is a quote by Albert Einstein, in whose honor I have converted the quote into a mathematical equation.Here’s the translation:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

It is one of my favorite quotes of all times. Einstein was a genius, possessing a tremendous amount  of knowledge, yet he believed that his imagination was more important. In his scientific research he used to imagine himself riding a light wave as it traveled through the universe.

This fanciful exercise is actually what led him to discovering and developing his theory of relativity, which by all estimations, proves the theory of this quote itself! Imagination is critical to work, to progress and to making discoveries! It takes us places beyond the limit of what we think we already know.

Hey, wow… I didn’t plan this, but silence and using your imagination to solve problems actually go together. Practicing silence is a great way to make room for your imagination to work its magic in providing creative and profound solutions.

Have a great week!


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