nyc4Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams announced on Tuesday that his office is planning an “International Day of Friendship,” later this summer which aims to bridge the gap between and promote peace among the diverse cultures of Brooklyn.

The date and other details of the event will be unveiled in the coming weeks. But in the meantime, Adams is holding an open call for cultural emissaries to represent their country of origin or descent at the upcoming festival.


“Brooklyn is the richest place on the planet, based on the wealth of our cultural and ethnic diversity, and the experience of all of us coming together to celebrate each other will be truly priceless,” said Adams.

Adams said participating groups may include cultural organizations that serve youth and families, as well as restaurants and entertainers.

He’s asking those who wish to serve as representatives to organize ten people to dress in traditional attire identifying their heritage and be prepared to attend preparatory meetings on Tuesday, June 10 and Monday, July 21, taking place at 6:00pm  in Brooklyn Borough Hall.

Individuals interested in serving as a representative are asked to sign up online here .

“I look forward to any opportunity to enjoy and extend our pride in the unique pieces that make up the mosaic of ‘One Brooklyn’, and I especially appreciate the involvement that everyday Brooklynites will have in making this celebration come to life.”

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