I read somewhere that real loss only occurs when you lose something that you love more than yourself.

3-year-old Ryan Saldana tragically dies after being hit by an oncoming truck.

 Any parent can relate to this… especially one that has had to bury their own child.

I woke up on May 7 and checked my Instagram account. I love to scroll through and see what my social media mommas are up to as well as their little ones.

Well today, all the post were about sending up red balloons for a little boy named Ryan Cruz Saldana. Ryan is a 3 ½-year-old with fiery red curly hair. From his mother’s, Jacqui Saldana’s Instagram page (@babyboybakery), he seems to be a happy and lively child.

But on May 2, 2014, Ryan was playing in a family member’s front yard when he ran after a Frisbee that landed in the street. He was tragically struck by an oncoming truck and has passed on.

This story has sent pain straight through my heart! So much so that I feel that it would be a sin to sit idle and not do all that I can to reach out from one mom to another.

I follow Jacqui Saldana on Instagram, and her posts of her beautiful little boy are filled with so much love, and color and happiness. Her loss is insurmountable, unfathomable.

I am asking that we all rally around Ryan’s parents Dan and Jacqui Saldana and send our love, prayers, and support. We are the ‘village’ that it takes to raise a child, and we are the ones that have to be the support when we lose one.

Please donate anything you can for the Saldana family, they will be incurring funeral cost and so much more for Baby Ryan. Anything you give will help. I am positive.

If you would like to read more of the Saldana story, please visit, Alissa Circle (@alissamcircle) is Jacqui Saldana’s best-friend, and she shares a touching personal story about Ryan and his family.


Your contribution is appreciated.

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