Hand Lettering by Harriet Faith. Swedish Proverb.
Hand Lettering by Harriet Faith. Swedish Proverb.

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Hand Lettering by Harriet Faith. Swedish Proverb.

Week 15  ~  “Those Who Wish To Sing, Always Find A Song”  ~  Swedish Proverb

Hello!  Taking Action is one of the the super-secret power-secrets for making your dreams come true! This week I was looking for a phrase about taking action and was really happy to come across this snappy little phrase.
This little gem of a proverb struck me as having more than one layer to it, giving it a special potency of inspiration.
The first layer is its most evident meaning, This proverb is saying how someone else has already done it. Someone who has wanted to sing, would find a song. They would just find a way to do the thing they want to do.
And so, it implies, can you. Singing being a metaphor for anything you want to do, and the song being a metaphor for finding a way. Always a really good beginning!
Secondly, an interesting quality that this phrase has is the subtlest implication that there is another voice ~ like a teacher, or a coach or a career counselor, who is calling out sub-groups of people based on their special interest and giving advice, albeit in a very poetic form.
As if they are calling out, with their hand raised, “Those who want to sing, in this corner! Okay, and here is what you do…always find a song!” Another counselor is saying, “Those who want to write, always find a pen!” A third might be saying, “Those who want to be veterinarians, over here! Always find people with pets!”
(I picture this imaginary workshop happening in a cavernous high school gymnasium filled with hundreds of career seekers, and these sub-groups being led to tables in separate corners of the room, to explore their choices together.)
In this poetic way, the proverb is also providing a template, so to speak, for taking the next step in attaining your dream.
Thirdly, this phrase has another element that is useful in moving toward your dreams. The magical “Just Do It” element. To do the thing that inspires you, without concern for anything but the joy of doing it. Sing because you want to sing. Love any animals who happen to be nearby.
Teach something you know to someone who can use the information. Write because the story is in you. This is the simplest and most obvious way to move toward your dream. And it can have a surprisingly effective impact on opening your world!
“Always” find that song and make that dream come true!
Have an amazing week!

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