So we got happy for a few days last week when the sun decided to be our friend again.

Syke! we’re back to where we started!

That brief respite was the crafty handiwork of the weather gods collaborating with the Super Bowl.They blew a whistle at Snowstorm ‘Maximus,’ as he was named, and said, “Hold up a minute.”

You see, the weather gods knew how excited we were even to be getting a Super Bowl in the first place (Super Bowl Committee regulations require the host city have a minimum average February temperature of 50 degrees, and they made a plea and exception for NY/NJ)!

So that is the real reason why less than 12 hours after the game ended, the snow came with such fury. It was all backed up. And by the time the weather gods gave it permission to proceed, we got three days-worth (and some)!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Enjoy these rooftop pictures of Central Brooklyn, the morning after our visit from Snowstorm Maximus!


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