P.S. 59, 211 Throop Avenue
P.S. 59, 211 Throop Avenue
P.S. 59, 211 Throop Avenue
P.S. 59, 211 Throop Avenue

Bed-Stuy resident Quantasia Jasper has pulled her 4-year-old son out of P.S. 56, and the school is now under investigation, after her son left the school unnoticed and wandered home, reported NY 1.

Jasper said she was shocked to answer her door Thursday morning and find her son, Seymir, standing there, during the time he was supposed to be in school.

“He looked really nervous, and I asked him was he okay, and he said he was scared. And I asked him what happened, and he told me he was in the bathroom, it was dark and no one was there,” Jasper said.

According to reports, at around 10:00am Thursday at P.S. 59 on Throop Avenue, between Park and Myrtle, Jasper’s son, who is in pre-kindergarten, asked to use the restroom.

Afterwards, he apparently got lost. Unsupervised and confused, he decided to walk home. Thankfully, since his home is on the same block as his school, he remembered his way, even pushing the right elevator button to arrive at his front door.

Despite the young boy’s courage, Jasper was very upset to find her preschool-aged son standing at her door without a coat in record-cold temperatures. On Friday she held a press conference with community leaders demanding answers and requesting action be taken against the school’s administration.

“His finger could have got smashed in the door,” she said. “He could have tried to cross the street.”

Or worse: Jasper could have not been home.

The school’s principal sent out a letter the next day to parents outlining steps they would be taking to heighten security and safety.

However, community leaders are saying that’s not good enough.  

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