If you want to understand a country, you often need to turn yourself to art.

Music and films will tell you a lot about what is going on inside its frontiers and how people live, while paintings and photographs will offer you a view of how people see themselves inside the country, as well as how they are being seen by foreigners.

If you visit the most important online gallery of art today, you will discover that when it comes to Brooklyn, its bridge is its main actor.

SINGULART: An Online Gallery that offers the World

The world is indeed smaller than ever. Almost a paradox, as the pandemic sent us all back home for a while, slowing down the movement of people that had started decades ago. But what we lost in real life, due to the lockdowns, we gained online, thanks to online art galleries. And in this world, there is one name that stands out: SINGULART.

If you want to understand the world better, there is no other place to go. It may seem like a strange statement, since we are talking about an art gallery, but the truth is, roaming through the various landscape paintings for sale on this site, will be better than looking at Google Maps. The latter only shows you the land, while in paintings, photographs, sculptures and other types of art available, you will receive the emotion that can be felt, when you find yourself in front of those landscapes. And if someone wants to know more about the city of New York, and specifically about Brooklyn, he will no doubt find himself in front of many various depictions of its famous bridge, as it is overwhelmingly the main element being painted, drawn and photographed, in the area. 

Why is the Brooklyn Bridge so Famous?

On a purely technical level, the Brooklyn Bridge is famous because it is the oldest steel-wire suspension bridge, in the world. Therefore, many people are fascinated by it. That includes engineers, architects and designers. On a cultural level, this is the bridge that will take you into the two most important neighborhoods in New York City: Brooklyn and Manhattan. It is, therefore, no surprise that you see this structure in so many films. But it is the same for work of arts as well. In fact, more than 80% of the paintings that you will find on SINGULART about Brooklyn, features the bridge.

If you look at the history of the bridge, you will quickly understand the important role it played in the growth of the city. In the late 17th Century, the population of New York was enlarging rapidly. New infrastructures were needed to respond to the demand. It is a German engineer, named John Augustus Roebling, who had the idea of building a bridge to enable the growth to continue outside the limits of the island. Indeed, it worked quite well, as the population continued to increase, and it is one of the reasons why New York is so crucial to America, today.

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