It’s fair to say that the vaping scene has been something of a wild west, and there’s finally regulation on the way. This has been paired with greater enforcement, according to the CNN, with a set of vape providers in particular targeted by the DEA in order to manage down issues. While this seems like a bad thing for vaping in a general sense, it’s actually making room for responsible providers to flourish – and that’s being seen in some of the offerings being put on the market, and studies backing up the efficacy of the tools.

Flavored oils

One of the joys of vaping is the vape juice flavors that make the practice a lot more appealing than smoking. Sweet flavors are common, but an increasing number of vape pens use savory and even sweet tobacco flavored mixes, giving a wide spread of opportunities to vapers who like other types of flavors. What’s more, there is evidence that flavored vaping is a big motivator behind keeping former smokers off cigarettes; a study, conducted by Yale, found that a ban on flavored vapes drove some users back towards smoking.

Increased safety

Vape pens have also been able to explore safer and more sustainable methods due to clear rules on their regulation. As John Hopkins University highlights, there are risks associated with some vape juices. The inclusion of vitamins, for example, has been linked with lung damage. As such, ensuring that properly regulated companies are able to safely manufacture their products will benefit quality.

Physical delivery

In addition to the chemicals within the vape, there is a risk of serious injury arising from the mechanical parts of the vape pen. As the Federal Aviation Authority highlights, these issues are heightened in cheap and unregulated pens. Just as chemical safety is improved for users, and the variety and taste of flavors is expanded, the mechanical and electrical safety of these devices is improved by the proper regulation of the industry.

Vaping still faces a challenge in the huge teen uptake of the habit – especially from those who had never smoked cigarettes previously. Regulation helps, not least by making sure vapes are only available in responsible vendors, but also by combating the danger posed by the pens – a risk that is heightened for young people without the experience or knowledge of the older generation.

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