New York Governor Kathy Hochul has announced $234 million in federal funding to provide all New Yorkers enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program with additional food assistance.

The funding will allow all New York households participating in SNAP — a federally funded program that provides benefits to help New Yorkers with food purchases — to receive at least $95 in supplemental benefits, on top of the benefits they would already be receiving this month.

Governor Hochul said the supplemental benefits should help New York residents in need this holiday season.

“These additional benefits have continued to help struggling New Yorkers keep themselves and their families fed throughout the pandemic and now in the face of higher grocery prices due to global inflation,” Hochul said.

“The $234 million for SNAP will provide relief to New Yorkers in need during the holiday season and cold winter months when household budgets are especially strained.”

Hochul said that more than 1.6 million households, including over 2.8 million people, in New York have relied on SNAP — as of October of this year. This total was an increase of 2.2% from the previous year around the same time.

SNAP is overseen by the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. Back in April 2020, OTDA started providing emergency supplemental food benefits to participating households receiving less than the maximum benefit amount per month.

Following the expiration of the state’s emergency declaration back in June 2021, OTDA worked with the federal government to ensure that all SNAP households would receive the maximum benefit allotment until the expiration of the federal declaration of public health emergency in January 2023.

OTDA will continue to issue the maximum allotment to households through February 2023.

Governor Hochul says households within NYC enrolled in SNAP should see their extra benefits by Dec. 28.

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  1. These benefits have been very helpful.. thank you, Governor Hochul. I’m looking forward to the additional funding for Nassau County families.

  2. This helps but what about homeless people and how long Island has so much homeless and the people that came here from other places are living in hotels meanwhile out here we have to go to shelters with other families you don’t even know!! What’s going to be done? DSS? That don’t help only move u away from your town. Way up the road.

  3. Everyone is worried about NYC and nothing about long Island!! This isn’t right we vote too. We should not have to live in cars or worry about how to get a hotel room when we are from here

  4. It doesn’t help the ones who are struggling and have to use cash for food with takes away from other bills ..and are not eligible for SNAP benefits..there needs to be this help for everyone even if they don’t get SNAP and aren’t eligible for them..Your only helping the ones who get SNAP not the ones who don’t…

    1. Facts absolutely I agree we are all in need of assistance. Not to sound funny their already receiving Snap.

  5. that would help a lot of people, but one big problem, there are 100 of applicants who are still waiting to get approved, i hear its a back log , because of short staffing, lets get these nyc agencies full staffed

  6. I don’t see the covid 19 is gone and prices going down, how can they take away allotment until the prices go down at least. As for the cola, the cola added money but the snap went down because of it. They give in one area and take away in another so what’s the point. Wish people knew what they are doing to us.

  7. My husband is 77years old and I am 64. We are both disabled. We get $23.00 a month for snap to feed the both of us. But, I want to thank you Governor for making sure that we get extra help.

  8. I did not receive my extra snap for December. I was wondering if they were delayed? My case manager won’t return my calls, and when I did get shop on her after leaving 4 messages on 12/29 she said “the month is not over”. Now over, I have left 3 messages and no reply.

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