Construction has begun on a $1.2 billion affordable housing project in East New York, reports The Brooklyn Paper. The project, dubbed “Alafia,” has begun its initial phase which includes the construction of 576 new affordable apartments, green spaces, an outpatient medical clinic and more.

Alafia is a redevelopment of a Brooklyn Developmental Center Property and is part of the state’s Vital Brooklyn Initiative, which aims to address housing inequities in Central Brooklyn.

“We are not just building housing for the people of East New York, we’re investing in a community so that generations of New Yorkers can flourish and thrive,” Governor Kathy Hochul said.

“This truly transformative investment will put us on the path toward mending the societal cracks in the system to ensure all New Yorkers have a chance to prosper.”

This investment is the largest of its kind in New York state history. And when finished, the development is expected to create 2,400 affordable housing units across 28 acres, an urban farm and green spaces, shopping centers, an outpatient medical facility and more.

“This is an ambitious goal,” said Hochul.

“We are trying to put forth a plan that people are kind of stunned by, but working with Mayor Adams and our partners in the legislature — because we need to make some changes to the legislature as well as the city council — we want to build over 800,000 new [affordable housing] units over the next decade because I believe that affordable, beautiful, safe housing is a basic human right. And that right needs to be granted to more New Yorkers right now.”

48 of the apartments will be reserved for individuals with mental health challenges that have access to rental subsidies through the housing program Empire State Supportive Housing Initiative. Additionally, 88 homes will be reserved for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

One Brooklyn Health, the medical center that will be built, will offer primary care and numerous specialty services for residents in the neighborhood.

Brooklyn Borough President Anthony Reynoso said the new development will significantly help to provide housing and essential services for Brooklyn residents.

“Once again, East New York is stepping up for their Brooklyn community, creating hundreds of affordable homes, health care services, and retail space for our neighbors. We need to build at a faster rate to combat the housing crisis, not just here in East New York, but everywhere,” Reynoso said.

With Alafia, officials hope to target New York’s booming housing crisis. Many remain hopeful the first residents will be able to move in two years. However, the entire project is still expected to take around 10 years to fully complete. 

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  1. This is an awesome task. However the next solid move for the area is not letting it continue to be a food desert. Getting wholesome good quality food (including vegan and plant based) is in very short supply here. The mayor and borough president should be very aware of that.

  2. I hope Hochul, Adams and elected officials realize that “services” are not only medical/mental health/fast food chains! East New Yorkers do live, work and play – like everyone else. Thousands of people shouldn’t be “dumped” in the neighborhood without access to LIFE’s necessities.

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