In the modern world, leaving your native country to explore a new way of life and learn about other cultures is becoming more and more common. Many people are putting their entire lives into bags and traveling in search of new experiences and freedom from permanent dwellings. 

Not to mention, many nations are growing more accepting of the “digital nomad” lifestyle as remote work becomes the new norm.

The attractive chances for citizenship and visas are also luring immigrants to settle permanently there. That said, we’ve listed below the top 3 immigrant-friendly countries to move to. So, without further ado, let’s begin. 


Italy is top on the list. It is one of the most well-liked locations for emigrants. The country’s rich cultural legacy and beautiful landscapes are alluring for immigrants looking to settle someplace new and discover all that the nation has to offer.

The Italian government offers a diverse range of visa choices to attract more visitors. Not to mention, persons with Italian ancestry have the option of obtaining dual citizenship in order to live in the nation permanently. It provides individuals access to healthcare, quality education, and all the EU rights along with Schengen area access. 

If this option looks lucrative, you can get a consultation on Dual Italian Citizenship from professionals. They are able to make the process easy for you by guiding you through it.


If you are keen on residing in North America but are unable to obtain a visa for the United States, then its northern neighbor may be a suitable option for you. In general, Canada offers more visa choices with less eligibility. 

With several of its largest cities making the top 10 rankings for the greatest places to live and work, the nation is also considered to be among the most livable in the entire world.

With an efficient healthcare system, expat-friendly regulations, and plenty of job possibilities, Canada is generally a safe and dependable choice for people wishing to dwell in a new nation.


Spain is another attractive European destination for vacationers and new generations of remote workers. The government of Spain recently introduced a new “digital nomad” visa that enables anyone to stay there for up to 12 months while working for any organization of their choice. The visa may be renewed for up to three years in specific circumstances.

This initiative of the government is to boost social and economic activity in a few of the nation’s smaller, less populous regions. Spain’s quiet beach resorts and small towns have a lot to offer visitors looking for a more laid-back lifestyle and a change from crowded tourist destinations. 

To Sum It All Up

As the fever of digital nomads is increasing, people are more than willing to explore different countries and reside in one that caters to their needs the best. Nevertheless, before setting your mind to availing visa and citizenship, you must contact an immigrant lawyer. They can explain the necessary qualification criteria and make this process seamless.

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