A committee of 21 New York City Housing Authority residents — which was assembled by NYC Comptroller Brad Lander — just had its first meeting this month to discuss how public housing in NYC can be improved.

The inaugural resident committee was put together to assist the Comptroller’s office with the auditing process of NYCHA, which Comptroller Lander said has been under frequent scrutiny for its financial and managerial issues.

“NYCHA residents are the experts on what is broken in our public housing authority, and they must be part of the solutions. By partnering directly with residents, our resident-powered audits will aim to move the needle forward on the much-needed repairs, resources, services, investments, and quality of life issues that matter most to the people who call NYCHA home,” Lander said.

As part of the audit process, a survey of NYCHA residents was conducted by the Comptroller’s office back in July. The City received 795 responses total from all five boroughs, but one borough was represented the most: Brooklyn accounted for 29% of all responses.

The results from the survey were recently released and were discussed by the NYCHA resident committee at the meeting.

Results from the NYCHA performance survey indicated some significant findings for housing in the Brooklyn borough.

On a scale of one to five (one meaning very poor, and five meaning excellent) the average timeliness of home repairs was by far the lowest measure in Brooklyn, with a score of 1.86.

In addition, the Brooklyn results of other NYCHA performance areas — including average housing quality (2.21), safety (2.28), social/community services (2.59), and affordability (3.00) — were all below the citywide average.

Lander said the resident survey has already yielded a quick response review of the building entry doors of NYCHA developments.

According to Lander, almost 60% of building entrance doors were found to be either open and/or had broken locks, which was up 23.5% from 2018.

Lander said that by listening to residents and enlisting their help, positive change can be made.

“As we’ve listened to hundreds of NYCHA residents at Family Days, structured roundtables, and informal discussions this summer, it’s been agonizing to hear the level of frustration, distrust, and appalling conditions they endure,” Lander said.

“The challenges NYCHA faces are large, and both the costs of repair and the need for management reform can seem overwhelming. But by making sure we include residents in the conversation, we can bring transparency to the process and take meaningful, achievable steps to restoring basic services, safety, and trust.”

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  1. I am honored to be on this committe.. When I came home from work this morning my elevators in Lafayette Gardens were not working which is an ongoing thing here. Hopefully with the audit things will improve at Lafayette Gardens which is in dire need of an upgrade.

  2. Could you please start with all these owners having numerous pit bulls in NYCHA apartments and you have homeless people doing drugs and sleeping by our apartment doors? And pissing shitting in the exit housing workers do not clean it up.

  3. I’ve been trying to get a 1 bedroom apartment for yrs iam a senior living in extremely cramped conditions, I have lupus and it’s very hard living comfortably under these conditions

  4. NYCHA needs total overhaul into budgeting and accountable for the entire stalf along with management and all way up to CEO they don’t need do conversions which just will lead to higher housing issues the Mayor could step in and take we action but he’s been lamb duck on these issues instead let’s go build new and forget the old !

  5. How’s about you get residents from Redhook West and we can tell you how NYCHA is really doing and how NEGLIGENT they are.I have been living in Redhook For ten years and it has been ten years of NEGLIGENCE no one cares. Can somebody listen to us residents Please Thank You

  6. Nycha , need to replace management. Who fell to do there job , I live in a senior building , inhale second hand smoke from apartment next door waking up in the middle of the night ?my apartment fill with chemical all through the day , housing put tenants at. Risk telling us to. Call the police , when they have a smoking ban in nycha , plus this has been going on for past 5 yrs I am told by management they working on it yet these group of people bragging they do what they want first of all they are some where they shouldn’t. Be among 80& 90 year old seniors they have been squatting for 5 years the problem start with management they can manage the job they are being pay to do they blame the tenants do they realize what a public servant worker is .

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