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  1. Those guards best be getting paid 30 and better an hour.

    I make 34/hour as an flsd-with built in OT.

    I work in a climate controlled lobby. I get to sit and not do a damn thing unless the fire panel goes off.

    I take full advantage. I work on my own things while at work. Laptop, phone and everything.

    And given the new work office culture in which tenants don’t all come in at once all five days a week like they did pre Covid. The building is dead most of the weak. It’s like working on a Saturday or holiday all of the time. It is a great look.

    And I work in an 8 story office building in Brooklyn. Even at full capacity thing is like being the sheriff of a small town.

    My commute? Home in 20 minutes.

    Not to forget the bureaucratic headache that comes if you shoot that gun…man listen. But if I know the security industry-plus the MTA these guards probably are getting the average armed guard pay for New York which is after taxes 36,296.

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