The New York City Housing Authority has partnered with local agencies to renovate 18 homes throughout The Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens, reports Norwood News.

The Small Homes Rehab-NYCHA Program is the latest initiative under Mayor Eric Adams to help disenfranchised communities build and maintain generational wealth through homeownership.

“Across the country, the high cost of homeownership is even greater for households of color relative to White households,” NYCHA Interim CEO, Lisa Bova-Hiatt said.

“We are committed to being part of the solution around addressing this disparity, by leveraging partnerships with other City agencies and nonprofits to coordinate access to home-buying education and opportunities for public housing and Section 8 residents.”

The homes, available for first-time homebuyers, consist of several one- to three-family homes all previously owned by NYCHA.

Five of the 18 properties have already been set aside for NYCHA residents. And, the homes are now under construction as officials are beginning a robust marketing campaign to make New Yorkers aware of this opportunity.

“Homeownership is one of the strongest pathways to the middle class and generational wealth, which is key to closing the racial wealth gap,” Bova-Hiatt said. “Providing New Yorkers with opportunities to own their own homes is an important priority in ‘Housing Our Neighbors,’ the Adams Administration’s housing and homelessness blueprint.”

Interested applicants can find additional details about the Small Homes Rehab-NYCHA Program here.

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  1. Im currently on section 8, and looking to be educated on this first time home buyer’s please help me I want to better myself for a better future for my son

  2. Now, just bc you got it for F R E E, doesn’t mean you can disrespect the property. TAKE. CARE. OF. IT!!!

    1. It’s not free they still hve mortgage & taxes to pay stop being an idiot!!! Just because ppl live in NYCHA doesn’t mean they don’t know how to maintain their home!

  3. Well if you folks posting comments regarding wanting such housing — and I hope you get it — please take care of it as the most important physical thing in your life.

  4. When you own a home, you have to pay yourself rent. Keep a separate account. There will be property taxes, a leaky roof down the line, a boiler that needs replacement and such. If you don’t fix things as they come up, the house starts falling apart. Good luck.

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