Admit it: You can feel it’s time to “fall back.” You know instinctively that the day we turn our clocks back is about to happen any minute. And you are correct!

Clocks will be turned back one hour in the United States on Sunday, Nov. 6, at 2:00am local time.

On the one hand, this makes you happy, because you’ll have less trouble getting out of bed in the morning because there will be more light. On the other hand, this sucks a lot, because it will definitely be dark now when you leave to come home from work.

Fun fact: Did you know that Arizona and Hawaii do not observe daylight savings time with the rest of the U.S.?

But you don’t live in Maui; you live in Brooklyn, baby, so you’re definitely “falling back!”

Don’t like it? Blame Ben Franklin, who is credited with introducing the practice of falling back and springing ahead as a way to cut down on the use of candles and get people out of bed earlier.

Or you could move to one of the states or territories that doesn’t observe Daylight Savings, including most of Arizona, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, according to

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