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  1. What did she do…I can’t read the article using the link you gave unless I pay for a subscription to the Daily News…..and I don’t want to do that….but I am curious now what this lady did to get fired.

  2. Good never knew her but .. her workers will come ring my bell .. I had advised them “why I never seen her .. for that matter who is she ?

  3. Im.not surprised. She had alot if guts abd didn’t mind saying what was on her.mind but her in your face behavior was uncomfortable to see. Hope she gets it together because she is a strong and
    great advocate for the black people

  4. Her terrible treatment of staff is well known. If anyone deserved to be canned, it was Richardson. And please, let the door hit you on the way out. Goooooooood riddance.

  5. I don’t feel bad for her. Wish my former company would have handled some situations the way the Brooklyn Borough President acted.

  6. I’m very sorry that happened to her.
    I’m looking for work I’m very reliable courteous respectful I will make your company stand out with the people skills I have.

  7. Having worked in the NYS Senate the sense of entitlement is ridiculous, does not matter if they are Republicans or democrats they are dangerously mean and stupid which is why I always call them by their first name. They work for me as a constituent

  8. I think that the public termination of Diana Richardson, former Assembly Member, a very well-loved member of the community, amounts to a type of disrespect of the West Indian
    community, which I hope will not inevitably come back to bite the young and perhaps inexperienced Borough President. Diana Richardson relationship with the current Borough President is not much different from Diana Reyna’s relationship, who was Deputy Borough President, relationship with Eric Adams.

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