A spike in car ownership, dining sheds and the comeback of alternate-side parking are making it tougher than ever to find spaces. As car ownership in New York City surges, parking spaces dwindle.

Photographer: Jeenah Moon/Bloomberg Now more than ever, New York City car owners watching “Seinfeld” on Netflix […] Click here to view original web page at www.bloomberg.com

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  1. I cannot drive my car on the weekends to affairs because if I come back after 11 I can forget about parking. It is scary to walk several blocks from a spot 5 blocks away. I see many ppl park at Hydrants and in front of churches now.
    1) Time to move the restaurants out of the street.
    2) Bus stops long enough for 4 buses need to be reduced especially when 1 comes every half hour ex. B49
    3) Make it a law all of these new residential buildings must have parking for a 1/2 of the building
    4) Put back 2 day alternate side parking and take away Saturday Alternate side all together.’
    5) Make some of the larger streets 90 degree parking to fit more cars
    Thank you

  2. I have the 4 day cleaning regulation, they should really put it at 2 days, it is terrible to find parking everywhere, after 9 pm forget about finding a spot. This is insane.DOT MUST DO SOMETHING ABT THIS. WE CANT EVEN GO OUT.

  3. I work overnight getting home at 3am most nights and it’s impossible to find parking non the less on the right side of the street. After searching for parking finally finding a spot 10 blocks away, getting home and getting ready for bed it is after 4am. With about three hours of sleep I need to get back up and move my car before I get a ticket. This is crazy because half the time street sweepers don’t even show up.

  4. The area were I live is very bad , few body shops (fix cars)they always using all the spots plus sidewalk why the police never give tickets to them

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