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  1. Yep, time for this to end. To many abandoned rat and garbage infested eyesores on the streets.

  2. What have we been waiting for to get rid of these now-unnecessary eyesores? Guarantee these restaurants weren’t paying taxes of any kind on these structures or the revenue generated from the tables inside them.

    There is no debate: gone!

    (And why weren’t the electeds moving forward on getting rid of these rat traps?)

  3. I really think this are good for New York. Brooklyn Born here 40 years and these outdoor things actually are what NY needs. However I will change the regulations stating they must be maintained and cleaned 3 times daily.

  4. This huts are no longer needed. At the start of COVID it was understandable and necessary for owners to make a living but, now things have picked up and indoor dining is on a surge. I have seen rats dancing around in them in the mornings and homeless people were sleeping in some of them.
    Residents have limited parking as it is and these huts were taking up at least 3-4 spaces per block. On some blocks from Friday evening thru Sunday evening you can’t even drive down the block because it’s closed off for “open air dining”. Enough already!

  5. I think these sheds have served their purpose, these restaurants could never make up for loss revenue. They take up public space, increase the rat population. Parking spots are lost. Even if the restaurants pay fees to the city that does not benefit the public . Most of the sheds are eyesores and dirty.On some streets resemble third world country.

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