The Right to Contraception Act (H.R. 8373) has passed in the House of Representatives. This legislation would codify the right to access birth control into federal law and establish a corresponding right for health care providers to provide both information and access to birth control.

This move was applauded by local Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney (D-NY), author of the Access to Birth Control Act.

“Twenty-seven days ago, a right-wing majority on the Supreme Court fulfilled the Republican Party’s decades-long goal of overturning Roe v. Wade and indicated that contraception is likely next,” said Congresswoman Maloney. 

“Make no mistake, these right-wing extremists are not pro-life, but pro-government controlling the bodies of women, girls, and any person who can become pregnant. I am pleased that the House of Representatives took the important step of passing the Right to Contraception Act. There is no democracy if women do not have control over their own bodies and decisions about their reproductive care.”

The Right to Contraception Act will establish a right to obtain contraceptives and for health care providers to provide both access and information.

The law will also protect against any state laws attempting to restrict access to contraceptives. It will affirm the Attorney General’s enforcement authority to bring civil actions against any state that attempts to do so.

Lastly, it will establish a private right of action for individuals to enforce their right to obtain contraceptives and for health care providers to enforce their right to provide contraceptives and information related to contraception.

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