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  1. Yes, let’s remember a drug-addled counterfeit-bill passing felon who died after he begged the cops to put him down on the pavement and whose autopsy revealed he died of a heart attack at the hands of an overzealous cop. He was such a fine model citizen

    1. You sound like a Republican candidate for the Supreme Court-go for it, and when someone in your family gets injured or killed by an overzealous, panicked and afraid cop (Afraid, you’re in the wrong profession) who acts on what he or she “thinks” an alleged person will do, rather than what he is doing (trying to survive the only way they can, evidently, but that’s never happened to you, no, or ever will right?) Run for office on that platform and remember, “no one knows how intelligent to r stupid you are-until you open your mouth.” Then, everyone knows!

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