Musician, actor and afrofuturist Janelle Monáe has published a book, and on Monday, April 18, she’ll be at Brooklyn Academy of Music to talk about it!

Janelle Monae, The Memory Librarian
Janelle Monae, Photo: Shutterstock

The book, The Memory Librarian: And Other Stories of Dirty Computer, is an ode to the rebellious and Afrofuturistic world of Monáe’s critically acclaimed album Dirty Computer.

The collection of short fiction stories explores the lives of those living in an increasingly surveillance-hungry, totalitarian order—striving to see and hold onto their “dirtiness” without being tracked down and cleaned.

Filled with the artistic innovation and brave themes that have made Janelle Monáe a global influence, this anthology examines public/private battles around gender identity, political violence, and sexuality as matters of space, time, love, and the power of memory.

Janelle Monae, The Memory Librarian
Alok, Photo: Wikimedia

Joining Monáe for an intimate discussion are the book’s literary collaborators Danny Lore and Sheree Renée Thomas. Gender bending fashion designer and public speaker, ALOK, will moderate.

Monday’s event is co-presented by Greenlight Bookstore. All tickets will include a book, and the first 100 people to arrive at the event will receive a signed copy.

Purchase tickets here.

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