A tense fight to stop bail reform rollbacks proposed by Gov. Kathy Hochul could escalate to a hunger strike for one Brooklyn lawmaker.

“I am prepared to go on a hunger strike to make sure that this does not happen,” Assemblymember Latrice Walker said Monday about the governor’s proposed changes to the 2019 bail reform laws, according to reports. “When our rights are under attack, what are we going to do? Stand up and fight back.”

The hunger strike threat comes as progressive Democrats like Walker, an architect of bail reform, work to stop Hochul’s proposed changes from making it into the state budget, which is set to be finalized April 1.

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  1. Please Govener Hocus bring back bail for repeat offenders the crime in our city is out of control. Please don’t let others perswade you from making smart desicens for New Yorkers and other states. Thank you.

  2. Go ahead, you look like you can “drop a few.” Such stunts are typically used by people with no qualifications and intelligence. Like Kamala Harris

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