Vegetarians and vegans, rejoice! The hit vegan burger chain Slutty Vegan is coming to Brooklyn this spring.

Owner Aisha “Pinky” Cole, who runs the successful restaurant in Georgia, is setting up shop at 690 Fulton Street, at South Portland Avenue.

 “It’s an honor to be opening a concept in such an established space, just down the street from where Biggie Smalls grew up, and to bring more delicious vegan food to the Brooklyn community,” Cole said in a press release.

Cole started Slutty Vegan in 2018, taking orders via Instagram and delivering them to an ever increasing amount of customers. The burgers got so popular, she opened a food truck … but even that couldn’t cater to everyone wanting a bite of the meat-free burgers.

Now, Slutty Vegan has four brick-and-mortar locations in Atlanta and has plans to expand across Georgia and into Maryland and Alabama. And those existing locations come with lines, which, according to Eater NY, can be up to three hours long.

The hit burgers are made with Impossible meat and Hawaiian buns, and feature a range of different fillings.

In an interview with the New York TimesCole said although the burgers or business have nothing to do with sex, she knew sex sells.

“I thought, ‘How I can positively manipulate this.’ We want you to have an orgasmic experience and the ultimate feeling of euphoria that comes after having a vegan burger.”

And it’s not just the burgers that are boosting Cole into the spotlight; she has launched a foundation to help support other entrepreneurs of color through education, training, networking, and fundraising assistance, and is known for charitable work in her community.

Anna Bradley-Smith

Anna Bradley-Smith is Brooklyn-based reporter with bylines in NBC, VICE, Slate and others. Follow her on Twitter @annabradsmith.

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