When Mayor Eric Adams released a wide-ranging plan to tackle crime in New York City, one formidable obstacle became clear: He would need cooperation from all levels of government to attack the root causes of gun violence.

While the mayor oversees the Police Department and city agencies that will implement many of his proposals, some of the most significant portions of his plan hinge on his ability to win over forces outside his control — and signs of resistance are already emerging.

In Albany, Mr. Adams dived into one of the most searing debates in the State Capitol: He asked lawmakers to revise the state’s recently reformed bail law, which has divided Democrats and has been used by Republicans to stoke fears of rising crime.

Mayor Eric Adams will need buy-in from prosecutors, judges and a Democratic-led State Legislature that may balk at some of his tough-on-crime prescriptions. Mayor Eric Adams called on lawmakers to revise state laws to give judges more discretion to consider “dangerousness” in setting bail.Jeenah Moon for The New York […]

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