Due to ongoing theft and vandalism, P.S. 110 in Greenpoint has had to replace around eight Black Lives Matter flags and four Pride flags that parents hang outside the school to support anti-racism and inclusion, the Parent Teacher Association says.

Just last week, a Black Lives Matter flag that was hanging on a makeshift flagpole was taken down and replaced by an All Lives Matter flag and an American flag, Shannon Roop, a president on the school’s PTA, told New York Daily News.

“You’re in Brooklyn, you kind of forget, and all of the sudden this happens, and it’s like how did we get here?” she said.

Parents first started hanging the flags last September to show the school’s commitment to antiracism and LGBTQ rights, and within a day the first set were gone, she said. A months-long battle with unknown thieves has ensued.

Roop said some parents had reported tense encounters with locals, including an older woman and group of kids who were unsupportive of the flags. But since filing a police report after the first theft, they haven’t investigated further.

She said despite the ongoing vandalism, the parents weren’t giving up on hanging the banners. “It’s really for us like, this is who our school is and making that a point of pride.”

According to the Daily News, the ongoing battle isn’t the only one that has centered around Black Lives Matter messaging in District 14, which includes Williamsburg, Greenpoint and parts of Bushwick. Parents at Williamsburg’s  P.S. 132 started a petition to demand change after the school allegedly expressed concerns over a “Black Lives Matter” post planned for the PTA’s Instagram page.

A parent at P.S. 132, Danielle Marchant, told the Daily News some progress had been made at school, but the “environment is still not where it needs to be.”

Parents at P.S. 147 in Bushwick said they have also had “hostile encounters” after plans were made to introduce Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ curriculum into the school.

The district’s Community Education Council has called on district officials to “give a public response,” create “an action plan to hold space for PS 110,” give an “acknowledgment of ongoing racism & homophobia in D14,” and assemble an “accountability team,” the Daily News reports.

Interim District 14 Chief Nyree Dawn Dixon told the outlet that the district staff “condemn in the strongest terms all racism, bias, inequity, and social injustice within our society.”

The district was working with a consultant to develop an equity plan and planned to work with education scholars to help school staff “develop racial literacy,” and engage in “personal reflection about racial beliefs and practices while teaching our students to do the same,” she added.

Anna Bradley-Smith

Anna Bradley-Smith is Brooklyn-based reporter with bylines in NBC, VICE, Slate and others. Follow her on Twitter @annabradsmith.

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  1. Thank you for this story. We should reach out to find how we can support this school and keep our children safe. The naked lying, law breaking and gas lighting engaged in by the resurgent white nationalist movement is breathtaking in its speed and scope. But as always we will continue to be resilient and never allow for our voices to be silenced in our quest for true equality in a country that was literally built on the backs of our ancestors. We will not be moved.

    1. “The naked lying, law breaking and gas lighting engaged in by the resurgent white nationalist movement is breathtaking in its speed and scope. But as always we will continue to be resilient and never allow for our voices to be silenced in our quest for true equality in a country that was literally built on the backs of our ancestors. We will not be moved.”

      Yasss!!! Black people were so integral to the foundation of America that when they were replaced with the cotton gin,it was actually more profitable than slavery. And let’s not forget how profitable cotton was. Cotton was worth so much money that it was used as America’s reserve currency instead of gold in the colonial period. And blacks,who picked cotton, will not be gas lighted out of the knowledge of this historical fact the same way they had all the knowledge of advanced mathematics and flying pyramids stolen out of their heads by the Greeks and Egyptians,who were also black.

      Give black people more money for doing nothing that is productive NOW or black people will peacefully loot and burn America to the ground again like they did for 6 months in 2020! It’s for true racial equality. Never forget how many black cities and towns in Africa have been burnt to the ground by rioting Whites,whom black folks have welcomed with open arms and already implemented all of the advanced racial equality systems they demand Whites now apply in their own countries to integrate blacks.

      1. Black people did not loot and burn cities to the ground for 6 months in 2020. That simply did not happen. The protests that occured during the summer of 2020 were overwhelming peaceful. The small amount of violence that did occur was instigated by white nationalist provocatours like the killer Kyle Rittenhouse. In fact Black people were often observed trying to stop white nationalist instigators from causing property distraction like the white man who was caught setting a police station on fire in Minneapolis.

      2. Spoken like a true racist piece of s*** they did not get more money for cotton or any of that s*** that they got for the human body of a black person you’re so smart you’re f****** dumb and why are you mad that’s what white people did black people didn’t ask for that s*** and where have you been for the last hundred years no 200 years cuz you are no smarter no more talented no more gifted or whatever you want to call it that any black person on Earth most of your modern inventions most of the things that’s running the world today were created by black people you talking about pyramids and stolen this and advanced mathematics when we were the first people on this Earth but that’s the revenant doesn’t even f****** matter what does matter Mr piece of s*** is that you know this white man was the first man to riot to loot to burn down s*** to kill people and masses put man-made disease on the Earth killed people in masses to take their f****** land so now you have some black people that not like the ancestors they don’t lay down and take whatever happens and you forget who really invented this b******* on Earth all the chaos and you have the nerve to say black people you white racist piece of s*** I hope you live long enough to see this s*** take a whole 360 you’re already the minority but the white man is so scared they try to make it seem like you’re still the majority you cowards always have been just like you I guarantee you go about your regular day you don’t act like you talk on social media either you don’t deal with people too much or the people you did with your fake coward ass b**** ass white boy racist white boy piece of s***

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