Alarm bells went off for Barry Cooper as he watched the mayor unveil a sweeping “Blueprint to End Gun Violence,” so the nonprofit leader decided to contact a friend he’s known for years: Eric Adams.

“I was hoping to see that we would firmly approach [gun violence] from a mental health standpoint,” Cooper, who leads Brooklyn nonprofit The BRO Experience Foundation, said of Adams’ plan. “He used the police-officer approach.”

The plan — which revives a controversial NYPD plainclothes unit — would flood New York City neighborhoods with cops instead of the mental health professionals Cooper knows the kids he coaches desperately need, he said.

Coach Coop says that Brooklyn’s young men of color need support, not cops. He hopes he can convince a friend; Mayor Eric Adams.

Barry Cooper, founder of the BRO Experience Foundation, says he disagrees with Mayor Eric Adams’ police-first approach to crime. (Courtesy of The BRO Experience Foundation.) […]

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  1. WTF…of course we need more cops! Who you going to call when a robbery or tape is occurring…a social worker? Give me a break!

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