Follow the Carew family as they travel from Brooklyn, across the U.S., and back.
By: Jinyen and Chris Carew


Space Coast, Florida (still)

Solar panels should be here this week, but still waiting for the charge controller, which should (hopefully) be here next week.

Everything costs more time and/or money since March 2020. Ok, fine.

Very appreciative of nature and wildlife at the moment.

The diversity of birds in Florida right now is vast! Weather is nice, but bugs that bite are plentiful.  Ocean breezes can blow them away though.  And bats and birds can eat them.  Isn’t it funny how all those things work together?

Loving looking at the stars and the planted and the moon, and the rockets launching towards them.

Enjoying southern food at southern prices.  

Taking it easy, and taking this time to get all of our plans in place.

Getting our curriculum in order for the girls. Geography, history, zoology, geology, music, art, business, home economics, design, real estate, astronomy, fashion, and more.

This is basically the best field trip ever.

It’s going to be a great 2022.

Oh, and follow us @theadventuresofus4 on Instagram & TikTok


Space Coast, Florida

Weather!  Not gonna lie, we’re pretty happy when we hear it’s freezing in NYC, as we enjoy a warm, Florida New Year’s Eve.

Of course, there’s no place like NYC.  The food, the people, the state of mind, the tap water.  (Pretty sure Montezuma may have a grudge in Florida that people don’t mention). Oh, and forget about doing anything after 10:00pm, unless it’s a trip to Wal-Mart.

Booked some cool spots to stay for the next few months, from Texas to California.  Still unsure of our exact departure date from here (shipping delays), but it’s kinda nice, actually. Every day in New York was a hustle, so we’re enjoying the slow pace, for now.

Anyways, the girls are having lots of fun, running around with their cousins and their dogs, while Jinyen has been cooking her heart out.  All the while, Chris has been capturing some shots of the natural world – alligators, chickens, rabbits, lizards, birds, squirrels, planets, and the moon – for an upcoming exhibition.


Still in Florida.  Had a fun Christmas with the family, saw some very Florida Christmas things — golf cart parade, anyone? — but still waiting on these solar panels.

We’re taking this time to work out the finer details of where we’re going, and we can’t wait to hit the road again.

For the next leg of our trip we’re going from Florida to California, via Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.  We’re really trying to check out this rodeo in Fort Worth in the middle of January, but besides that we’re not stuck to any dates yet.

We do have to start picking some dates for those high-demand California coastal campgrounds though, because last cross-country road trip we learned the hard way that those get booked waaaaay in advance.

So, rodeos, canyons, vast landscapes, southern food, riverboats, and reservations are next.  Super excited!

Also, I dropped my first NFT : )

Until next week…


The Adventures of Us 4. We’ve had the RV for about 3 weeks, and it’s been fun so far!

Our first stop, on the way to Art Basel in Miami, was Washington DC.  There we meet up with a friend, and shot our first food trip episode at Ben’s Chili Bowl, a DC staple.

After dinner, it’s off to Florida.  Had to make a few stops, but made it to Miami on Friday.  Just in time to get the big Uhaul for the popup art gallery Chris has planned.

Met some cool people, sold some art, hit the beach. Monday comes, and we’re off to Key West.

The Keys are beautiful, but not so RV-friendly if you aren’t staying in a campground – which we won’t be doing very much on this trip.  That’s why we’re upgrading with SOLAR PANELS!  So we can go off-grid as long as possible.

After The Keys, we head back to the Space Coast to hang with family for the holidays, get accustomed to our new home on wheels, and get the rig ready for the long road trip ahead before setting off…


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