During an impassioned speech Thursday morning, incoming schools chancellor David C. Banks promised to shake up the New York City Department of Education by shifting resources from the agency’s bureaucracy to classrooms and engaging the community in all policy decisions.

“We spend $38 billion every year in this system,” Banks said, referring to the DOE’s budget, “and 65% of Black and brown children never achieve proficiency. That’s a betrayal… You can get those results without a Department of Education. So what’s the value-add for having thousands of people working at Tweed,” the DOE’s central office.

Future NYC Schools Chancellor David Banks, center, with mayor-elect Eric Adams on the left and Banks’ mother, in the red hat, on the right in Crown Heights on December 9, 2021 During an impassioned speech Thursday morning, incoming schools chancellor David C. Banks promised to shake up the New […]

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