This Thanksgiving, Brooklyn-based soup kitchen and community empowerment organization Neighbors Together will serve hundreds of Brooklynites in need of a hot meal.

This is just a drop in the bucket for what the nonprofit does year-round for residents in Bedford Stuyvesant, Ocean Hill and Brownsville, where it has provides more than 80,000 meals to more than 10,000 locals annually.

And it doesn’t slow down for the holidays. Thousands of low-income Brooklynites visit Neighbors Together during the holiday season, the organization said. Throughout Thanksgiving week, volunteers will be serving meals from the Community Café and on Thursday they will set up a full Thanksgiving spread.

Christina Singh, Neighbors Together director of donor relations and communications, said a lot of the people that the organization serves don’t have homes and they are often coming to Neighbors Together from shelters or the street, meaning they have no access to kitchens.

“We have been in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis for the past two years, and Neighbors Together has pivoted our services to meet the moment,” she said. “We’re serving meals out of our front door.”

Neighbors Together’s mission is to put an end to poverty in Brooklyn and its Community Cafe serves as an entry point to other programs and services the organization provides, including the Empowerment Program, which provides access to housing, benefits, job training, legal services, health care, and counseling; and the Community Action Program, which organizes members to advocate for policies that will improve the community. 

This year, the organization is holding a 30 Thanksgivings fundraising campaign to support its meals program, and make sure its members have access to food over the holidays, Singh said.

“This time of the year, we see an increased number of people coming for food, and it’s critical and important for us to provide as many resources as possible for our members.”

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