Dirt bike rider badly hurt after slamming into side of NYPD SUV in Brooklyn

The 38-year-old rider was going east on Linden Blvd. just after 3 p.m. when he slammed into the rear passenger side of an NYPD vehicle heading south on Pennsylvania Ave. in East New York, police sources said.

“He was speeding on his bike and he tried to stop, but he was going too fast. Boom! He hit the cop car and flew over it and he landed on his stomach. His bike flipped. No helmet, no helmet,” said Preston Ravenelle, 53.

A dirt bike rider was hospitalized after colliding with an NYPD SUV at a busy Brooklyn intersection Tuesday, authorities said. The NYPD Highway Patrol investigates after a motorcycle collided with a police car on Linden Blvd. and Pennsylvania Ave. in Brooklyn on Tuesday. The 38-year-old rider was going east […]

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