Alina Dowe, Brazil Dowe, Mark Tanis and Princeton Dowe. Photo: Supplied.

It might have been their 13th birthday, but the Dowe twins Princeton and Brazil were the ones giving out the goodies on Tuesday in Brownsville.

Princeton and Brazil handed out $20 vouchers — called Dowe Bucks — to 30 shoppers at Shoppers World as a way to give back to the community their grandfather was from.

“We wanted to do something special for people,” Princeton said.

“Putting a smile on people’s faces is one of the best birthday gifts we can have.”

Princeton and Brazil with Councilmember Samuels. Photo: Supplied.

Princeton and Brazil have been youthpreneurs since the age of 7, when they started their own water company  Water2Kids, which educates and encourages kids to stay hydrated to stay healthy. The Bronx natives also undertake activist work in their community; after being diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder they chose to advocate for kids with unidentifiable disabilities.

For the Brownsville event, the twins reached out to Pitkin Avenue BID Chair Mark Tanis, the Regional Manager for Shoppers World, and pitched the idea of the giveaway, and Tanis was immediately on board.

“I am always for giving back,” Mark said. “We at the BID and Shoppers World’s mission is based on the community; the Dowe Twins could have gone anywhere else, but they chose us, and we are truly honored.”

The Dowe twins and their mother, Alina Dowe, interacted with the customers talking to them about the program throughout the morning, and they were even joined by Councilmember Alicka Ampry Samuels and Community Liasion Rev. Eddie Karim.

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