As part of New York City’s plan to help students catch up after more than a year of interrupted learning during the pandemic, students have begun taking a battery of tests.

The city is spending $36 million on academic assessments — to be given three times during the course of the year — to help determine what students know and where they may be falling behind, according to education department officials.

Officials hope the results will be used by teachers to adjust their instruction and provide individualized support to students who need it.

“Universal screeners will allow schools to keep their finger on the pulse of student progress and address the pandemic’s impact on learning,” said education department spokesperson Sarah Casasnovas.

SDI Productions / Getty Images NYC schools are giving a new battery of tests to help students catch up after more than a year of learning interrupted by the pandemic. As part of New York City’s plan to help students catch up after more than a year of interrupted […]

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  1. Assessment is not for learning, it is for administrators. They will say that the outcomes from testing are used to improve student learning, by are they really. Education is not serving children or society, it is self serving. When will this insanity end? We don’t need assessment, we need demonstrated competence. Let the children show us! If we have to spend so much time, energy and expense on determining where the children are at regarding what they know, communicate and can apply, then why?

    This tells me that teachers’ don’t know where each and every child is at. As a retired teacher, I can say this is false. Assessment is a measuring, or judgement tool. Rarely is it used to address learning concerns, unless the results are taken up in class and there is an opportunity for one on one feedback. In final summative assessment, there is no way those most critical of outcomes, can be used to improve learning? Sorry student, you failed, you likely don’t know why, where or how you went wrong. There is no opportunity to learn from those outcomes and, it sucks to be you. Good luck doing this all over again next year. Maybe then you will learn from your mistakes, if you happen to find out where you went wrong.

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