Passenger dies after drunk unlicensed driver speeds through red light in Brooklyn and crashes: NYPD

An accused unlicensed drunken driver arrested for speeding through a red light, sparking a wild weekend car wreck that killed his longtime friend, turned up one day later at a Brooklyn candlelight vigil honoring the victim to express his remorse.

Jovanni Padilla appeared this past Sunday as the family of Kainen Martin gathered to mourn their loss, turning up just hours after the victim died — and just hours after Padilla was arraigned on charges of drunken driving, vehicular assault, leaving the scene of an accident, driving without a license and reckless driving in his buddy’s death.

A passenger in a speeding car died after the drunk unlicensed driver blew through a red light in Brooklyn and crashed, police said Tuesday.

Kainen Martin, 23, was riding shotgun in the Nissan Maxima zipping east on Saratoga Ave. in Brownsville when driver Jovanni Padilla allegedly ran the light at […]

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