When City Councilmember Farah Louis and Rita Joseph, a Democratic nominee for Council, arrived in San Antonio Thursday, they skipped checking into their Airbnb and went straight to the U.S-Mexican border at Del Rio.

They found a shocking site: an encampment of more than 10,000 migrants, many with Haitian roots, seeking asylum. The two Brooklyn politicians, one born in Haiti, the other a child of Haitian immigrants, also encountered some unexpected communication challenges.

“The language a lot of them spoke was Portuguese, Creole for the olders ones, but especially for the younger ones, they spoke a lot of Spanish,” said Joseph. “These people didn’t come directly from Haiti, they came from all over South America to arrive to Del Rio.”

Leonardo March/The Haitian Times Volunteers at the National Association of Christian Churches offer aid to asylum seekers Sept. 25, 2021. Driven by images of immigration agents on horseback chasing asylum seekers, Brooklyn Councilmember Farah Louis and Council hopeful Rita Joseph gave comfort — and supplies — to migrants. Louis […]

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