Is your commute getting you down? Brooklyn Navy Yard start-up Pave Motors has designed a more fun and eco-friendly way to get around.

It’s called the Pave Bike, an e-moped that combines the power of a small engine motorcycle with the minimalist look and feel of an e-bike.

Brothers and Co-founders Nicolaus and Caspar Nagel have just announced the pre-order availability of the bike, which is so quiet, fast and lightweight, “people say it’s like flying over the street,” Nicolaus Nagel said.

The Pave Bike weighs approximately 100 pounds, which is 150 pounds less than competitors, Nicolaus said. In less than four seconds, it can accelerate from zero to 30 miles per hour.

The user-friendly, zero-emissions Pave Bike. Photo: Provided.
The user-friendly, zero-emissions Pave Bike. Photo: Pave Motors.

After charging the bike for one hour, the bike can ride for 40 miles before it needs to be plugged in.

The Pave Bike was designed to fuel the citywide embrace of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation. The company works out of Newlab, a technology innovation hub for entrepreneurs, in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and is tailoring the bike to New York City driving habits.

In the year 2016, 30% of citywide greenhouse gas emissions came from the transportation sector. Within this sector, vehicles that consume gasoline are the primary source, accounting for 80% of transportation-based emissions.

“I think that in order to fight climate change and have an impact, we need to electrify vehicles and get towards zero emissions for all sorts of transportation,” Nicolaus said.

“Creating a zero-emissions vehicle this will help produce cleaner air in, and around, cities.”

"People love the bike. They don't expect such a small vehicle to have that much power, be that quiet and be that fun to ride," Nagel said. Photo: Pave Motors.
“People love the bike. They don’t expect such a small vehicle to have that much power, be that quiet and be that fun to ride,” Nagel said. Photo: Pave Motors.

Each purchase of a Pave Bike comes with an individual digital representation of the bike, in other words, a non-fungible token (NFT). This digital token is stored on Pave Motors’ app and is used to securely lock and unlock the bike.

The NFT also allows owners to securely share their Pave Bikes using smart rental contracts either for free or in exchange for USD or some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Etherium.

“It is basically a design innovation,” Nicolaus said. “We’re completely keyless. The NFT, which you use to lock and unlock the bike, makes it a lot more secure. People can’t steal your bike or resell it because it is only unlocked with individual digital records. It’s a security thing.”

The digital aspect of the bike also allows owners to track their rides and locations. Nicolaus said the bike was designed to be extremely user-friendly because he wanted it to be a tool for everyone, not just the motorcycle or bicycle set.

“In our testing, serious motorcycle riders and people who have zero experience riding motorcycles, scooters or bicycles felt comfortable on the bike,” Nicolaus said.

“From the beginning, that was super important for us to design a vehicle that is super user-friendly and gives riders of all levels of experience an easy ride.”

Pre-order of a Pave Bike starts at $100 dollars, which secures a bike in the first batch of production. For more information visit the website here.

Miranda Levingston

Covering everything Brooklyn. Twitter: @MLevNews

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