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Recent chilly temperatures and changing leaves have made one thing clear: Summer is now behind us.

And on Wednesday, the fall equinox will truly push us into the new season.

At 3:21pm on Wednesday the equinox will see the sun’s rays directly hitting the equator, marking the change of season and the halfway point between our longest and shortest days. The fall and spring equinox are the only two days when night and day are around 12 hours everywhere on Earth, except the North and South Poles.

Photo: Richard Burroughs for BK Reader.

And while the coronavirus pandemic is sure to upset many regular fall celebrations, we can count on our trees to keep traditions alive.

Brooklyn parks and streets will soon see the golds, oranges and reds that light up foliage and give us our romantic gateway to a snowy season.

Other fall traits are also sure to remain the same: Pumpkin spice will be all over the shelves, turkey tips will be shared online and decorations will start to adorn store shelves.

But one questions remain: What will become of trick-or-treating in a time of social distancing?

Once Halloween passes on October 31, daylight saving will come to an abrupt end on November 7, when at 2:00am clocks will be reset to 1:00am.

In the meantime, it’s time to pull out the coats and make the most of the remaining light evenings and outdoor events in our beautiful borough.


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