The eastern section of Bed-Stuy, roughly between Throop and Sarotoga Aves., has the most vacant apartments of any area in Brooklyn, census data shows.

Although the number of vacant apartments in the neighborhood has decreased by almost a third in the past 10 years, Bed-Stuy as a whole was in the top 20 neighborhoods with the most vacant units in the city, Patch reports.

This is despite soaring demand for rentals in Bed-Stuy, which now has a higher median asking rent price than it did before the pandemic started at $2,375.

Census data splits Bed-Stuy into two Neighborhood Tabulation Areas, which are medium sized population areas that correspond with ZIP codes, in order to tally figures.

The eastern part of the neighborhood, roughly between Throop and Sarotoga Aves., had the most empty apartments in the borough at 3,043. The western side, roughly from Throop to Classon Aves., wasn’t far behind with 2,636.

Despite the high number of empty units, the numbers are down from 2010 when there were 7,331 empty apartments in the borough.

Over the decade, Bed-Stuy has also increased its housing stock by more than 7,400 apartments, and Brooklyn had the biggest increase of any borough by adding 77,300 new apartments.

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  1. I’d like to see a crosstabulation of vacancy vs gun violence. I suspect there is a direct correspondence…people do not want to live where their lives are at risk every time they step outside!

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