Cuomo authorizes New York businesses to ban entry without wearing a mask

In the United States, New York City tends to lead as an example. When NYC politicians make changes, other cities pay attention. Americans around the country tend to follow the latest news from NYC because it can have far-reaching impacts. What is going on in New York City? Below, readers will learn about the latest news stories from NYC.

Vaccine Passport Plan Implemented

Previously, it was believed that the COVID-19 pandemic was coming to an end. Lockdowns were lifted and mask mandates were removed. However, things quickly went downhill once the delta variant arrived in the United States. It has quickly spread across the country, and New York has been hit particularly hard. In New York City, roughly 55 percent of residents have been fully vaccinated. Nevertheless, this wasn’t enough to eliminate concerns. On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed that a vaccine passport plan would be implemented.

As a result, people in New York City will need to show proof of vaccination to enter gyms, indoor entertainment venues, and restaurants. The Mayor went on to say that people who aren’t vaccinated won’t be able to participate in many things. He warned that they would need to get vaccinated to begin participating. The policy will be incorporated during the next few weeks. The decision follows many American corporations requiring workers to get vaccinated.

Countries in Europe had started offering football stadium tours and cash payments to people who are willing to get vaccinated. New York City’s plan will be heavily scrutinized in the weeks to come. 55% of all NYC residents are fully vaccinated while two-thirds of Manhattan residents have been.

Governor Cuomo Sexual Harassment

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo quickly became a beacon of light in the media. He was constantly praised for his decision. Unfortunately, the tables have since turned. The state’s attorney general released a report that indicated that Governor Cuomo kissed, groped, or made suggestive comments to eleven women. It also confirmed that he violated the law. After the announcement was made on Tuesday, local prosecutors launched a criminal investigation into the matter. Furthermore, many former allies have called for Cuomo to step down or be impeached. The report was released following a five-month investigation.

The report also found that Cuomo created a toxic workplace and members of his office illegally retaliated against his first accuser. Cuomo released a video statement on his website refuting the claims. The Governor claims that the facts are different than what is being portrayed by the report. Governor Cuomo became a popular figure across the nation during the early days of the pandemic. Since then, he has experienced a handful of scandals, but this one could lead to his downfall.

President Joe Biden admitted to reporters at the White House that he thinks Cuomo should resign. Other top Democrat politicians agree.

New York In-Person Weddings Return

During the pandemic, the New York marriage bureau shut down to stop the spread of COVID-19. Around this time, couples are required to purchase MoissaniteCo rings and partake in digital weddings. Many would agree that it wasn’t the same. Some couples waited until the pandemic slowed down before getting married. The good news is that New York City has reopened its marriage bureau. Richard Kissi and Sae Feurtado were one of the first couples to get married when the Manhattan Marriage Bureau began performing in-person weddings again after a 16-month closure. The couple postponed the wedding for nearly two years. Although the bureau is now open, there are new restrictions on weddings.

For instance, couples need to obtain a reservation for wedding ceremonies. In addition to this, couples can only bring one witness to avoid breaking the four-person limit. Couples will need to wear masks. A plexiglass sheet is set up to separate officiants from the happy couple. A small shop has been set up so couples can purchase bowties, flowers, rings, and more. Over the years, many celebrity couples have gotten married at NYC’s Marriage Bureau.

300 were held between May and July. Although it isn’t what it was prior to the pandemic, it is a good step in the right direction. It is only a matter of time before NYC is back to normal.


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