Wrongfully Convicted Man Sues NYC For $125M After Decades In Jail

A man imprisoned for nearly three decades is suing the city for $125 million, arguing Brooklyn detectives framed him for a subway murder he didn’t commit, court records show.

Emmanuel Cooper, 54, filed his malicious prosecution suit in Brooklyn’s federal court Monday after 27 years in prison for a crime that was vacated in 2020, court records show.

A violent robbery in a Brooklyn subway cost an MTA worker his life and an innocent man 27 years in prison, a new lawsuit contends.

Emmanuel Cooper spent 27 years in prison after NYPD detectives framed him for a subway murder he says he did not commit. (Image from […]

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  1. It is time for the city to change its laws and have NYPD pensions revoked when is there going to be accountability this man cannot get 27 if his years back.

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