A Black American Designer Disrupts the French Couture

Villa Lewaro, the Palladian estate built in Irvington, N.Y., by Madam C.J. Walker, a child of slaves who became a beauty mogul and the first female self-made millionaire in the United States, is pretty far, geographically speaking, from Paris — about 3,605 miles.

But that’s where the couture shows came to a close, with a — what to call it? — installation, performance piece, happening from Pyer Moss, courtesy of Kerby Jean-Raymond, the first Black American designer to be officially invited to show on the couture schedule. Or to be livestreamed on it, to be accurate.

Models wait backstage during the first Pyer Moss couture show at Villa Lewaro, the Madam C.J. Walker estate in Irvington, N.Y. Each look in the show corresponded to an everyday item by a Black inventor. Credit…Rebecca Smeyne for The New York Times Villa Lewaro , the Palladian estate built […]

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