Crown Heights' 77th Precinct. Photo: Google.

Overall, crime is down in Crown Heights, and in Brooklyn as a whole.

There has been 4.5% decrease in crime reported to Crown Heights’ 77th Precinct, and a 54% decrease reported to the neighborhood’s 71st Precinct during the week June 21 to June 27 compared to the same period last year.

Across the two precincts, there have been 32 incidents reported, including rape, robbery, felony assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto.

During the same period last year, there were 46 incidents reported, including 18 incidents of felony assault and six of burglary.

There have been six murders and 22 rapes reported this year in the neighborhood, compared with nine murders and 23 rapes reported by the same date in 2020.

Looking at the 28-day cycle, there has been a 18% increase in incident reports at the 77th Precinct and 28% decrease at the 71st Precinct this year on last.

The most common incident reported over the week-long period was felony assault, with 19 reports. That is seven more reports of felony assault than the same period last year.

On July 1, the 71st Precinct tweeted a photo of a gun one of the precinct’s public safety teams and the 77th Precinct tweeted a range of guns it had recovered — all in Crown Heights.

Across Brooklyn:

Across the borough, there have been 526 incidents reported between June 21 and June 27, according to NYPD’s CompStat, including one murder and four rapes in Brooklyn South and 11 rapes in Brooklyn North. Across Brooklyn, there were 58 robberies and 134 felony assaults.

In the headlines:

Fourteen alleged members of the Babiiez street gang, all aged between 16 and 21, have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder, weapons possession and other charges related to 11 shootings. The 11 shootings resulted in eight victims, six of whom were alleged rival gang members and two men who were not rivals, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez said Thursday

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez moved to vacate the conviction of Phillip Almeda, now known as Kadafi Ala, who spent almost 19 years in prison after being convicted of firing at the police. On Wednesday, Gonzalez said an investigation by his Conviction Review Unit (CRU) revealed confirmation bias in the prosecution of the case that ignored contradictions between the police officers’ accounts and the ballistic evidence from the recovered gun.

Senator Zellnor Myrie and Assemblymember Diana Richardson went to a protest against racial injustice at the Barclays Center, trusting that NYPD officers would keep the peace. Instead, the two Brooklyn lawmakers — who are both Black — were pepper-sprayed in the face, surrounded by cops and beaten with department-issued bicycles, according to a new civil rights lawsuit. Almost 13 months after that violent experience, Myrie and Richardson are taking legal action, hoping they can hold the police to account and push a policy change within the department.

A man pleaded guilty Thursday to serving as a lookout during the fatal robbery of a Brooklyn cafe owner in 2011. Michael Mazur, 27, admitted in Manhattan Federal Court that he stood outside an apartment building on McDonald Ave. while others ambushed the owner of Whisk Bakery Cafe, Joshua Rubin, who lived in Kensington.

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