Brownsville's 73rd Precinct. Photo: Google Maps.

Overall, crime is down in Brownsville, and in Brooklyn as a whole.

There has been an 9.7% reduction in crime reported to Brownsvilles 73rd Precinct during the week June 14 to June 20, compared to the same period last year.

There have been 28 incidents reported, including three robberies, 13 felony assaults and six reports of grand larceny. During the same two-week period last year, there were 31 incidents reported, including one murder .

There has been eight murders and 19 rapes reported this year in the neighborhood, compared to 11 murders and 14 rapes by this time last year.

Looking at the 28-day cycle, there has been a 11.9% increase in incident reports this year on last.

The most common incident reported this year is felony assault, with 269 reports in the neighborhood, 45 more than during the same period last year.

On June 21, the 73rd Precinct tweeted a photo of a two handguns recovered on the streets of the neighborhood by the precinct’s field intelligence teams.

Across Brooklyn:

Across the borough, there have been 512 incidents reported between June 14 and June 20,according to NYPDs CompStat,including one murder and three rapes in Brooklyn South and three murders and five rapes in North Brooklyn. 56 robberies were reported across Brooklyn and 128 felony assaults.

In the headlines:

On Thursday, two Brooklyn teenagers were charged with second-degree murder for allegedly fatally shooting 17-year-old Devonte Lewis in an ambush outside Midwood charter school in April. Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced the charges on Thursday, saying the city would not accept cold-blooded violence on the streets of Brooklyn, and would seek justice for Lewis whose life was senselessly cut short.

A new 6-foot wooden statue of George Floyd, unveiled in Flatbush on Juneteenth, was been vandalized overnight Wednesday. The sculpture, that sits on the corner of Nostrand and Flatbush Avenues, was found this morning with black graffiti on the face and the pedestal of the statue, and white lettering reading”

A Brooklyn gang leader will spend the rest of his life behind bars for murdering a man inside a crowded nightclub after being sentenced by a federal judge, New York Daily News reports. The pain you imprinted on my heart, my familys heart is a pain that will never go away, said Philips crying sister, Jasmine Philip, 27, at Pagetts sentencing in Brooklyn Federal Court Thursday. I dont forgive you and I will never forgive you for what you robbed me and my family of.

Police have caught the man whointentionally tried to run overa bus driver in Brooklyn after a dispute at a red light, Patch reports. Kymani Hardie, 22, was charged Monday with attempted murder, second-degree assault and vehicular assault for the April hit-and-run when police say he mowed down a 44-year-old female driver in East New York, according to police.

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