Online retail giant Amazon has made a $150 million commitment to supporting Black-owned businesses on its platform through a new accelerator program.

The Black Business Accelerator, launched on June 15, aims to build sustainable equity and growth for Black entrepreneurs by enabling their success as sellers in the Amazon store, Amazon Manager Brandi Neloms said.

The company will work in partnership with non-profit organizations to provide financial assistance, business education and mentorship, and marketing and promotion to enable economic advancement for Black entrepreneurs.

“Amazon feels this was important, because history and data show us that Black-owned businesses are underrepresented in retail,” Neloms said. “Currently Black Americans represent 14% of the population yet only 6% of the sellers. So there’s a disparity there.”

$10,000 grants are available to businesses that sell products that are shippable via Amazon, not service-based businesses, Neloms said, and qualified applicants will need a professional selling account and a “Diverse Ownership” certificate.

The accelerator program was the brainchild of Tiffany Johnson, an account manager at Amazon, who noticed the disparity between the percentage of Black consumers and those that were successful sellers. In response, she developed the foundation of the program idea and championed it to the company.

The grant is in partnership with and being administered by Hello Alice. For more information and to apply, visit:


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  1. Because your skin color is black I will do business with you. Not because you are a small business owner, or an American or just a good person or a provider of a great product. Nope. I’m only doing business with you because of your black skin color. Now if that isn’t racist I don’t know what is. Just be a business owner, or an American or a good person. Why make it all about your skim color???

    1. Good point. I would also point out that people claim to want equality but seem to want exceptional treatment. You can’t have both. If you have programs directed at race you are basically saying that those included are incapable of achieving it in their own without special treatment. I’m just saying!

      1. Henrik, Learn some Black History before you respond. This subject is for intelligent people only. People who have not done any research please don’t speak.

        1. Yeah do some black history reading … know ..judged by the content of your character not the color of your skin

    2. Walter White. Wake Up. The first thing you need to do is learn some Black History. Whether you know it or not Black History does not start when the Black People of Africa was enslaved .

  2. Walter W is pathetic. Small brain looking for a fight that’s not there. She’s speaking facts and you’re on the BS please get a life also do research before you comment on something weirdo..

    1. Cheryl L I see that you can see through the ignorance that Walter White displayed. Thank you for being Woke.

  3. This is all very interesting in this period where everything seems to hinge on race. Please visit my website,, about the views and vision of a remarkable black woman, an education, religious and civic leader. Nannie Helen Burroughs (1879-1961) wrote the following, circa, 1928: “12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself” and “12 Things White Folks Must Stop Doing”. Number 10 from among the first is: ” The Negro Must Learn To Operate Business For People – Not Just For Negro People. Among her rationale are the following: “…learn sound business principles; measure up to accepted business standards and meet all competition, graciously and by equal or superior service.” This is Black History which we don’t seem to discuss.

    1. James Wyatt the Christianity that Nannie forced on Black People was the only mistake that she made. The other things she did was Genius!!!!!

    2. I am a black Woman who started my own company at age 25. I had my company stolen by 2 white business partners who targeted me because of my youth and my race. After that financial hate crime, it took me 15 years to even get above water and I still haven’t recovered financially. African Americans have had our wealth stolen and kept from us for centuries. This would be through slavery, jim crow, voter suppression, outright massacre and burning of our businesses… I mean I’m sure our ancestors had better things to do with their lives than to run around being forced to make white folks rich. We will never forget that our ancestors built this country through forced labor and brutality. So yes, the African American is owed a lot of cold hard cash at the very minimum. We would also appreciate an open road to thrive without ignorant hateful harassment.

  4. Anyone interested in filing a class action suit, and a Federal Civil Rights complaint against this Racist program?

    1. Agree.
      Affirmative action directed for blacks only OMITTING all WHITE males wasnt enough or unconstitutional enough. Some non citizen moves here with help from federal government to help more blacks omitting ALL gender and other races. She is promoting descrimination and everyone black celebrates violating a majorities constitutional first amend right to equality instead of seeing this for what it is.
      It’s pretty disgusting some non citizen is getting to push race in my face again, over and over promoting segregation and hate.
      Why less people getting to live here arent living up to legal requirements of citizenship.

      Remove race, be American first. Americans are the only society on the planet needing lables of their race put before being American. No wonder so many hate America ..they are all self loathing ..race first is hate before America

  5. So AFFIRMATIVE ACTION that has FOCUSED on ONLY blacks, signed into law 1961 wasn’t enough to motivate blacks to find a better life.

    This chick isn’t an American Citizen, she is promoting DESCRIMINATION that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the United States of America.

    One more racial radical from another SOCIALIST country getting to live in the US for making a DESCRIMINATION accelerator helping ONLY blacks.

    We dont need more segregation.
    Maybe invent an accelerator to REMOVE race and learn what being AMERICAN means. Its not DIVISION..its UNITY..

    Think on that acceleration ..remove ALL race LABLES…and be AMERICAN..

  6. A person previously mentioned filing a class action suit AGAINST this program. I would pose this question to that person. How does it feel when the racism is directed toward YOU? I propose that you read up on American history with a concentration on the treatment of everyone that wasn’t a white male from slaves to minorities to women. Once you have taken the time to understand what ACTUALLY TRANSPIRED in America, I challenge you to treat what you learned as if it were a fictional story about some other car off land. Just pretend it wasn’t white AMERICANS for a minute!……Now that you have by using this process REMOVED yourself and your ancestors from all culpability……Find the problem for the persecuted people and solve it to bring equality to everyone. I think THIS program may have been part of your solution!

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