Brownsville Community Justice Center hosted a block party on Saturday, April 24, outside of Seth Low Houses to provide resources for the community in the wake of post-COVID-19 pandemic.

The event was organized by Camara Jackson, executive director of BCJC. It was an opportunity to provide awareness and education to local residents around the effects of gun violence and staying safe post-pandemic.

The weekend was filled with kids running around playing, the smell of good food, music and laughter.

One of the organizers, Chloe Aquart, who is the director of community technical assistance at the Brownsville Community Justice Center says, “I love this event. I think it is important for communities to have opportunities to get together and have a good time and be provided with resources that they need as well as having the opportunity to discuss some of the things that are going on in their community.” she states.

“We have food out, domestic violence awareness is here, a diabetes wellness program is here and it is important for the community to have a plethora of resources available to them and events within their community,” Aquart continues. “They don’t have to go nowhere but outside their front door.

“We are trying to Unify Brownsville by going to every single development in the coming weeks and months to be able to provide them with resources outside their door.

“If we can show the community that we can have events like this that are safe, that we don’t have to worry about gun violence, that we can talk about it openly and heal together I think that’s what unifies us.”

Unify Brownsville plans to hold more events at other community centers in the coming months, said Aquart.

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