Asians and Jews, standing united

Within a matter of days, two violent hate crimes targeting Asian Americans and Jews occurred in broad daylight on the streets of New York. A Filipino-American woman on her way to church was attacked, knocked to the ground, and stomped on. The attacker made anti-Asian remarks while pummeling her. Meanwhile, a Hasidic Jewish couple pushing a 1-year-old baby in a stroller was assaulted by a man with a sharp object.

If these were stand-alone incidents, they would be worrisome enough. But they are not. They are indicative of larger trends in America today, and their sources are multiple. Hate and division are on the rise, and two of the principal targets are Asian-Americans and Jewish Americans.

Posters showing the suspect in the assault on a Asian woman is seen outside a building located at 360W 43th Street in Midtown Manhattan and where the Asian woman was attacked in front of Monday afternoon to a full view of a Security Guard at the building. The building […]

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  1. Unfortunately the elephant in the room, is 1. Ignorance. 2. The new immigrants from the middle East and ex Soviet Satellites countries (See Similar sitcom Borat movie)that are predominantly muslim, Brooklyn and Queens has especially grown in these populations, the media will not address this, and blame white supremacists. Black on Asian crime is also horrific, I have yet to see media where it’s a white supremacist taunting an Asian.

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