Federal Taxes In Brooklyn: How Do Yours Compare?

If you’re wondering how your tax bill stacks up against those of your neighbors, the IRS has a lot of information to share. Each year, the agency provides a wealth of data, broken down by state and county, about the number and type of returns filed, the typical payments and refunds, and how many taxpayers fall into specific income groups. The most recent available figures are for the 2018 tax year.

In Brooklyn, 923,030 filers got an average refund of $2,895. The figures include all individual filing types, including singly, jointly and as heads of household.

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IRS figures allow you to compare what you’re paying in taxes with that of your Brooklyn neighbors.

(Shutterstock) BUSHWICK, NY — The IRS has delayed the tax filing deadline again this year, to May 17, but that doesn’t mean taxes aren’t very much on the public mind these days.

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